When To Shop for Your Bridal Gown!

Posted By On 19 Nov 2015

We get this question often at MyFormals.  As you scour the internet looking for that perfect bridal dress, you’ll find all kinds of Advice. As Brides Magazine points out, the perfect time frame seems to be 10-18 months out.  Nowadays bridal gowns can take up to 9 months to special order and arrive.  And with 99% of bridal gowns needing some form of alterations, these time frames seem to be best. Waiting too long can cause undo stress and put you in a time crunch.  Remember most bridal gowns need a bustle and hem.  That should take 4-6 weeks for your seamstress to take care of for you. And Remember This:  When You Find the Gown You LOVE, Get It!  Too many times over the past 25 years we’ve seen brides who wait too long and come back to get their gown, Only to find that it’s gone and can not be ordered.  Many tears have been shed wanting a gown that is no longer available.  🙁

Girlfriend Tips for Bridal Dress shopping:

  • Do some homework, look at Bridal Magazines as well as Bridal Gown websites. Start to find a “look” that seems to represent the feeling you want to have at your wedding.
  • Pin those looks to your Pinterest account so that you could show your bridal consultant at your dress appointment.
  • Take a look at the websites of the stores you wish to visit.  Take a look at the gowns to see if they have a selection that fits into your “look”.
  • Make 1-3 Appointments to the bridal shops you want to shop for your bridal gown.  Shopping around at more than 3 stores ends up becoming a confusing and stress filled process that makes you more undecided than when you started.
  • Know the amount you want to spend on your wedding gown. Remember this is THE GOWN, not just any ole gown.  So make sure you set a realistic budget.  The Knot & Brides Magazine say the average price Wedding Gown is $1200-$1375.
  • Many bridal salons have gowns below and above that average price, so don’t worry, your budget will be fine. But be realistic and up front with your Bridal Consultants who are there to help you find your dress within your budget.
  • Warning: Many brides get taken in by the Chinese knockoff websites offering INCREDIBLE deals.  Remember, a deal too good to be true, usually is.  At MyFormals, we have had numerous brides the past few years who have come to us in a panic or in tears because they found their dream dress Online for only $300.  But in the end they were fooled and found that the gown that shipped was very poor quality, didn’t look anything like what they saw online and didn’t fit.  And it was also a wrinkled mess!
  • Bringing too many “spectators” to your dress appointment often ends up being confusing and stress filled for the bride.  Lots of opinions may confuse you, or you may love a dress and your group does not!   Your mom, his mom, sisters and your maid of honor seem to be the best mix.
  • YOU LOVE THE GOWN, so go ahead and buy it!  That’s right, if you love a gown, why wait?  Many brides shop all over spending lots of time and money trying to save money…??? When all along their dream dress was at the first store.  So instead of saving money, you’ve spent a ton of money shopping and shopping and shopping.
  • Enjoy the time spent with your family and soon to be family when shopping for your dress.

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